The Pressure of the Universe

My motivation for developing “The Pressure of the Universe”, is the belief that much of modern physical theory is based on a “Rube Goldberg Contraption”, something that works, but in a complicated and outlandish manner, when much simpler, more logical alternatives exist. Instead of seeking these alternatives, the mainstream of physics has been directed toward refining the “Rube Goldberg Contraption”
Hopefully, the ideas presented in The Pressure of the Universe will help to change this.

The Pressure of the Universe is a new, lower-level, model of the universe, built
upon a foundation of rigorous logic, and well-established principles.
It  shows how the laws of Newtonian mechanics and other natural
phenomena have simple, logical, explanations based purely in
electromagnetism. Here is a small sample of the ideas presented in The Pressure of the Universe –

  • Gravity –

By the Lorentz force law, F=v(QXB), a magnetic attraction exists between charges moving in the same direction. Matter/mass contains lots of charges. If all masses were moving in the same direction at a high velocity, a background level of magnetic attraction between all masses should result…

  • The observer-invariance of the velocity of electromagnetic radiation –

If we must assume that EM radiation propagates as a wave. It depends on two observations:
The first is that acceleration is observer-invariant. It will be be measured as identical by all observers, The second is that a propagating wavefront is always accelerating. Since all observers see the same acceleration starting from zero velocity where the radiation was emitted, for the same period of time, all will measure the same velocity.

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